The new Edge and IE Mode

We have one internal application that relies on SilverLight to function so that means IE 11. When I saw that the new Chromium based Edge has a compatibility mode I was intrigued!

To enable you need two things: The ADMX files, and the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager to create the Enterprise Mode Site List XML file. Download the ADMX files from Microsoft here and the Site List Manger from here.

Create the enterprise site list by opening up the manager and adding the URL of the site (no https:// or /site.html just the FQDN. I choose Open in IE11, leaving Standalone IE and Allow Redirect unticked and Compat mode as Default Mode. Save the resulting XML file in a location where your computers can access it.

Adding a list of sites to open in IE mode.

Then you need to enable and configure the following GPO’s:

Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/Configure Internet Explorer Integration to Internet Explorer Mode

Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List to the location of the XML file you made earlier.

To confirm that the settings have applied you can open Edge and navigate to edge://compat to see what settings its pulling down:

edge://compat showing the location of the file and what websites it will use IE mode for.

Voila! It’s opened the webpage in IE Mode! Silverlight works as normal and the application is none the wiser!

A website opened in IE Mode!

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