msExchHhideFromFddressLists not working or only some of the time

On my hybrid domain sometimes changing msexchhidefromaddresslists to True in ADUC hides the user from the GAL, and other times it doesn’t. Turns out the mailNickName attribute needs to be populated with something for msExchHhideFromFddressLists to be honoured. I just populated it with firstinitial.surname. Waited for a sync and bingo Continue Reading

Upgrading a UniFi Controller when it’s running as a service and located elsewhere.

We don’t have a cloud key as we have more devices than recommended, so I run it on a Windows server. I have the installation in the Program Files folder as our servers are configured to delete user profiles older than 30 days (to keep things tidy) as the default Continue Reading

View new products and classifications in WSUS

Very quick and simple powershell code to show the latest (in the last 30 days) products and classifications added into WSUS.

Roll over Azure Kerberos decryption key

Log onto your domain controller Navigate to \\%programfiles%\Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect Open PowerShell as Admin (File -> PowerShell) Run the following command(s):

At the end it should say it was successfully complete. Reference